Hi Lovelees! Thank you for stopping by the studio! The shop is currently closed and there is no exact date set for when it is to be opened again! Currently, I'm tackling a massive shop delay and am doing everything I can to catch up and then come back better than ever. If you are new, welcome! Be sure to subscribe to the News Letter because I'll be sending out more information as I am ready in the future! If you are someone who's still waiting for their order, please check here weekly for updates!

Today 7/6/2024

Everyday Ship time: 3:00pm, pst. I drop off at UPS, so USPS orders are logged the following day.

On todays to-do list:

Hi Lovelees! I took a few days off to get some more work done here in the studio!

  • 14 Moon Knights
  • 8 Buckys
  • 14 Lokis
  • 4 Loki Harnesses
  • 11 Chains
  • Packing 36 orders

General Updates!

I miss you all!
  • Hi Lovelees! My oh my do I miss interacting and making content for us! I just made the decision to not waste any time on social media creation because I simply do not have the time for it.
  • To help maintain supplies and shipping costs, I've been doing the most! From freelancing to working, I've been able to get more orders out without having to sell anything on my site and it's of course not helpful with my time delays, but I prefer to come up with funds on my own vs the continuation of sales in the studio.
  • I am still making corsets and shipping out as often as I can, just like I mentioned the process is much slower now that my time is so split. I've only been able to make a couple a day so I've only been able to send out around 1-3 packages the following day. I still have many left which I understand how unacceptable it is that more time has passed, but I cannot go back in time, I can only deal with each day as it comes.
  • Totebags have all been shipped!! Yay!

I'm doing as much as I am able to everyday! Thank you all for the continued patience!


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