Today 6/19/2024

Everyday Ship time: 3:00pm, pst. I drop off at UPS, so USPS orders are logged the following day.

Please read the update below for the GENERAL updates, this is going to be a DAILY update section.

On todays to-do list:

  • 14 Lokis, 18 Blue Bucks, 12 DDs
  • 3 remaining Tote Daggers (Embroidery)

EVERYDAY WORKINGS: This means, aside from my daily to-do's, these always linger...

  • LOKI corsets were paused due to sourcing chain, however it arrived last week, and a good chunk will be completed this week.
  • First Run bodices have been on a pause due to the straps being terrible, but after last week, I have finally figured out how I think it would look the best and accommodate all sizes beautifully, I hope you enjoy what I have done, I'll post pictures soon. Straps are halfway completed.
  • WINTER SOLDIER completion is near! I ran out of trim multiple times and worked on other corsets whilst waiting, and this includes going to both Joanns in Las Vegas, Now that I have the trim needed, I can complete the reminders.
  • MOONKNIGHT is moving along, I always make sure there is movement on him, weather it be ironing press-on to the fabrics or hand sewing moons, I complete 1-5 a week and have about 30+ left. He is my largest remaining orders.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA I'm chugging along, He. Is. Difficult. But.I .Love.Him. I've been completing 1-3 a week, I have around 14 left.
  • I ran out of BLACK lining, ordering more online to be here next week. I have enough to keep be going through the week. Unfortunately, Joanns stopped making the lining I buy from them at a wholesale price, so that was something I had to figure out last week.

General Update!

Tote bags, emails and a couple corsets a day...
  • Hi Lovelees! I am still making corsets and shipping out as often as I can, just like I mentioned the process is much slower now that my time is so split. I've only been able to make a couple a day so I've only been able to send out around 1-3 packages the following day. I still have many left which I understand how unacceptable it is that more time has passed, but I cannot go back in time, I can only deal with each day as it comes.
  • I have not completed emails as I am trying to process tasks AS I do the emails to give you all an actual answer instead of a general "TBD", so please continue to bear with me.
  • Totebags are almost complete! They just have to add the straps and they will be shipping out very soon!
  • "Shipped" orders: If you are someone who has a "shipped" order and has not seen movement, these orders are the current priority. There are a variety of reasons you may be one of these orders. In the past, shipping labels were printed when the order is completed and ready to be packaged, however, due to anything from quality control at packing, size updates, address updates and more, this swings your order back into the production line. This would be an easy task but since I am delayed, there are many things I process at once. These orders are currently on the working block.
  • Stationay has been made available again as I have a stock already made and all original orders have been shipped. Please check those out if you are interested!
  • PATREON! Lovelees, I am so sorry, I canceled it not knowing ti only was canceling for a MONTH, I just found this out and will be going back to see who paid for what months and will be sending out gifts to all of yall! <3

I'm doing as much as I am able to everyday! Thank you all for the continued patience!


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