New order update system has started!

New order update system has started!

I'm very excited to announce the start of my new order update system! I've done a-lot of research on finding a system that works best for what I do and after maaanyyyy tried and failed processes, manyyyy research sessions, I have found/made one that is perfect for me. 

With this new system, I can have "update" QR codes all around my studio and each order will have their OWN QR code, to which as your order moves around my studio I can SCAN the order, SCAN the update and it will send out a notification to let you know where. your order is at! How exciting is that? I literally cried... 

This system is already in effect however, I still have A-LOT of work to do, so a-lot of orders will not be in the FULL update process. I've had to print out all of the QR codes and match them to their orders, (Which are all over the place!) and once that is done (still on going as I have time) then updates will go out as they move around. 

I still have a-lot to do, but I hope with this new system, the future will only get better! Thank you to everyone who has allowed me the time to work through everything that is going on! Ya'll are the best and I look forward to the future!! 

Well I'm back to work! 

P.s. I am in the process of hiring help!! eeeeee! 

<33 Liana