LemonLee Studios Pricing

LemonLee Studios Pricing

Pricing, pricing, pricing......let's talk about it! 

Pricing has always been one of the things that GETS ME. I'm sure many of you have seen other corset shops or small business that get "pricing harassed" lol You know, comments about them being WAY to expensive, or they should be charging WAY more! It is so complicated for me to come up with pricing for what I do specifically. I make corsets, and not just any corsets, cinematic inspired corsets. Meaning I know my Lovelees are only wearing these badboys maybe 1-5 times a year for cons, festivals or even Halloween. When pricing I take that into consideration, along with many other things.

I have always been in the mindset that I want to cater to the regular, average income Lovelees, so it is very important for me to consider a younger version of myself. Would I work an 8hr shift for this? Would I save up for months for this? That’s something I think about.  

I do not like the idea of charging more just because I can. Truly, ask any of my family or friends who preach to me to please charge more lol Charging more is also easier said than done. I have already established myself as an “affordable” custom piece shop, so even doubling the price would be a shock to everyone that has already been saving up for a piece! I’d rather the Lovelees who are able to, to purchase more pieces, than to charge more for one piece.

Another thing I take into consideration is ME. I am an ex-costume pattern maker for Disney and have been in the industry for quite a long time, so if we are talking pay wages, I know what my time is worth. HOWEVER, I also have this other thing about me, I am incredibly quick, which makes pricing even more complicated.  Example being, say if all corset shop makers pay themselves $30 an hour to construct…It can then make sense why some shops that sell simple under-bust for $120, because it took them 4 hours to construct. For me, I can sew a “God of Mischief” under-bust in about an hour, which would then make my price be $30…. See my dilemma? But again, that’s an elaborate example as to why I don’t compare myself to other shops. It’s also not exactly how I plan out cost either, just an example.

What I end up doing, is ignoring everyone and I sit by myself and plan out what I am comfortable with. I write out a very detailed list of the supplies, shipping, cutting time, sewing time, hardware time, packaging time and more to come up with a final price. I do not charge more “just because I can”, and I just pay myself what I think Is a decent livable wage. I am not here to become a millionaire, is it on the plans? Maybe… lol but if I’m going to do it, it’s going to be through expansion and not taking advantage of LoveLees, you feel me?

Lastly, what I have decided to do, is to go in and write out all cost details under each piece so that you can see exactly what you are paying for. This will take some time, so please bear with me. I will also say that I do have a TIP section at checkout, should any LoveLee feel so kind to give me the extra support, and even with that, you will receive the “Infinity Wrap” as a gift! For anyone who has ever left a tip or plans on it, I will forever be thankful for you.

Thanks for stopping by the studio!

I’ll see you soon,

<33 Liana