LemonLee Studios is proud to debut Bodices!!

LemonLee Studios is proud to debut Bodices!!

With bodices coming in HAWTTT I wanted to talk a little bit about the shape! 

Something I take under consideration when making pieces in the studio is all the beautiful sizes that come in the studio! I want to make sure that I can make pattern bases for multiple sizes and that they look great on every size. As much as I would love to offer MORE size options, like length, style and more, it's not so easy! One design AS IS, is about 13+ sizes, all of course with their own patterns. At any moment, I have HUNDREDS of patterns laying about my studio! Maybe in the future, I could expand, but for no, I hope you can trust my design and sizing choices! 

As for the bodices, I decided to go with this shape that is curved at the front, and shallow at the back. This bodice over a dress, shirt or even worn on its own. is made to slightly curve around the chest and be secured at the back with a ribbon closure. With how I designed the strap portions of the bodices, straps can be styled as many different ways as you can think of, as well as swapped out with other strap colors! 

All bodices coming will all have the same shape. This is done to make my life easier so that I don't have as many patterns as I do for under-busts. All linings are THE SAME, its the outsides that will be very different! This will improve my productivity and efficiency! Even with all linings the same, Its still 15+ sizes, but so much easier when it comes to cutting time! 

As far as pricing, I have decided to go in on all the pieces in my shop and give full rundowns of pricing so that you can see all the components yourself. This will take some time, but it is slowly happening. I want to be fully open with you all so that you can see how much I truly believe in creating to inspire and not to be....rich. lol Especially in todays current time, I fully understand the value of a dollar and I want you to feel like what you have purchased from me is well worth it! 

I hope you love the new pieces, and new changes in work flow that I have been slowly incorporating. Everything will still take time, but I am always doing what I can to improve everyday! 

Thanks for stopping by the studio!

I'll see you soon,

<33 Liana